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Jun 11
Mar 20

What a Day

Have you ever had one of those days? I mean where you think that everything is fine and then as the day goes on it gets worse and worse?

Well I had one of those yesterday and it ended in a way that I had guessed about 5 days ago. But to make it simple and without boring you to death lets put it this way. I got to sleep at about 2:15 am and woke up at about 4 am this morning. No sleep just lots to think about. Jeeesh what a day I hope thing start to turn around soon. 

Mar 01

Enough already

Okay, for those of you that have been under a large rock the last few months, it is now official John McCain is running for President. Jeeesh what a shock! I mean the man has been in ever news article about the “possible candidates” since last year and now today I have seen at least 9 of the major sites that have a article of him on The Letterman Show last night finally saying “yes I am going to run”.

For some of us, we had a clue to that in 05 when you stood up to the Bush man, and now that you are in welcome to second place in your party, thanks for playing and here are your parting gifts. 

Feb 27


Well I guess this should have been the first post but hey like you will learn I am old and scatter brained at times. Who am I and why should you visit this blog? Good questions, yes I have other blogs that I publish, and both keep the visitors up to date with things like news and software but here is where I plan to blow off steam to rant about things that have happened in the Linux world that either I love or hate or maybe even am not sure of.

How long have I been playing with computers you ask? Well lets just say a lot longer than I care to admit, I will say it was before windows when I started. So yes I do have opinions and no some are not popular but they are mine and I will post them and I hope that you will enjoy them, or at least you will stop and think about them and make up your own mind. So until then have a good day and a better tomorrow, and feel free to stop in often.

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Dell Listens, Not

Well the first thing out of the Dell camp in answer to the requests for Linux machines, is the announcement that all Novell Products will be now available on Dell computers. Now is this a surprise? I think not. Years ago Dell had started a linux option for it’s customers and Microsoft jumped in ans said if you want to sell our Windows then forget the linux, and they folded and linux was ignored. Well fast forward a few years and now that Billyware and Novell have signed on as best buddies, Dell is allowed to offer all Novell products as a linux solution for their users. Now is this good or bad for linux in general, I have to say no, the user is still made to decide between only 2 options and not the many that Linux has to offer. Will this offer have a positive effect on the linux world? I hope that after some of the converts will start to learn that linux is a viable option and maybe learn that there are more distros available to them and then they will grow from there. I will cross my fingers that this is a step in the right direction, however they are not real tight. I will try and keep up with this debate and see what comes of it in the long run before I say it really is good for linux though.